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P.O. Box 600, Kailua, Hawaii, 262-2724, recycle (at) ocr2000 (dot) com

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Oahu Community Recycling (OCR), has developed one of the most professional, efficient and quality community recycling programs in the Hawaiian Islands. Unique to Oahu Community Recycling, we donate 100% of your recyclables directly to your community and we are also directly involved in educating our youth and public on the positive benefits of recycling. By combining simple, yet innovative services, OCR stands out as Hawaii's leader in community recycling. Come and join us at Oahu Community Recycling to see how convenient recycling can be!

Subscription cost for residential customers is only $24 per month, billed by six or twelve month installments.

Your recycling kit
includes a pick-up schedule and two 18 gallon bins (property of Oahu Community Recycling).

Bin 1: Newspaper, office paper, white paper, corrugated cardboard
Bin 2: Aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles/containers

We also include an explanation of what is and is not recyclable, and instructions on how to dispose of your non-recyclable items (see below). You will need to separate your recyclables into the two bins for pickup every other week. Simply leave them at the curb before 8am on your scheduled recycle pickup day and we'll do the rest!


flattened cardboard boxes                                                   newspapers

Flattened Corrugate Cardboard              Newspaper

Flattened boxes must to be corrugated cardboards, which is the thick kind used for storage and packing boxes.

NO larger than 3'x3' cardboards, NO food residue. NO milk or soy milk cartons


box of colored paper                                                box of white paper

Colored Paper                                            White Paper

Colored paper, white paper and newspaper can be place in plastic bag or box

NO paper towels, NO food residue, NO blueprints.

plastic bottles

Plastics #1 & #2

At this time, only those plastics that have a #1 or a #2 on them, can be recycled in Hawaii. Look for a small recycling symbol with the number inside it, usually on the underside of the container. Plastic containers can be rinsed and crushed.

NO lids/caps, NO any other kind of plastic

glass bottles                                 cans

Glass Bottles/Jars                      Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans can be crushed, and glass containers must be empty, it helps us if all containers are rinsed.

NO Aluminum foil/pie plates, NO lids/caps, NO steel/Tin cans

Non Recyclables

plastic bag

Plastic Bags

Plastic grocery bags can be recycled down at your local Safeway store. They usually have a collection bag at the entrance.

tin cans

Steel/Tin Cans

Steel/Tin cans from cat food, tuna, sauces, vegetables etc can be disposed of in your trash.

Magazines, "Other papers" & "Other Boxes"

Kleenex, paper towels, and blueprints are not accepted for OCR residential recycling program.

*********Items with food residue may not be accepted.**************

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